MANePED® callus file made of glass in pink, gold, black, transparent

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This hardened glass callus file is a good alternative to the pumice stone or callus plane. The original glass from Bohemia removes calluses and dried corns without cuts. The double-sided file has a coarse and a fine side. Both Tips are rounded. As a result, the glass rasp lies comfortably in the hand and can withstand increased pressure. Tuesdaye simple cleaning with soap and water or sterilization keeps the file hygienically clean. Callus removal with our glass file is very gentle and yet efficient. 

Application: Place the file dry on the callus and after just a little filing, wash the glass file under running water. Filing - washing out - filing - washing out and so on. This works very well during the shower, for example.

Wet use: Regular use or if there is little callus

  • Material: 100% glass, made in Europe
  • 16,0 cm long, 5 mm thick
  • Different colors to choose from: pink, gold, black, clear
  • Sterilizable up to 300 ° C
  • Supplied in a black velvet case
  • Care instructions: cleaning with a brush, water, soap.
  • Warning glass - fragile