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Nail cutter for fingernails and toenails - Black Edition

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Head cutter nail clippers for fingernails and toenails

Our black edition of the latest generation of nail clippers for fingernails and toenails not only looks very elegant, they are also really sharp. This is made possible by the precise grinding of the cutting edges. The stainless steel nail care instrument fits comfortably in the hand and opens very easily thanks to the integrated spiral spring. A sturdy plastic hood helps to ensure that it is closed and stored securely.

Buy these nail clippers if you want to cut normal and hard fingernails and toenails.


  • USE: fingernails and toenails up to "hard"
  • TOP professional quality made of stainless steel
  • Total length of the nail clipper: approx. 11,5 cm
  • Cutting length: approx. 14 mm
  • Can be used for right and left handers


Head cutter nail nippers

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sharp pliers

The pliers are functional. Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that it does not have a lock and can only be stored with open cutting edges when/if the plastic protective cover is used up.

Claudia K

Super fast delivery, I am very satisfied with the products

Ho K
Sharp pliers

The nail clippers are very sharp and make a good impression.


Everything perfect, highly recommended!

Alina K

Excellent goods!
gladly again!