MANePED® manicure set, 4 pieces

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Ideal manicure set for the bathroom at home. Everything you need for private nail care can be found in a beautiful storage box:

nail scissors 

Ergonomically shaped nail scissors with sharp cutting edges for easy cutting of fingernails or toenails.

    • With the non-slip handles, the pliers lie very comfortably in the hand
    • Suitable for left-handers and right-handers
    • With one or two supporting springs, the forceps open easily, which is particularly appreciated by arthritic hands.
    • The stainless steel blades are rust-free and sterilizable
    • When closed, a suitable plastic cap can be put on to avoid injuries.
    • Lengths: pliers 13 cm long, 5,5 cm wide, cutting 20 mm, opening 30 m


The double-sided nail file is suitable for filing natural and artificial nails. The nails are quickly preformed with the rough side and then finished with the fine side. The smooth tip is used for cleaning under the nail.

    • Stainless steel nail file is rust-free and sterilizable
    • lengths: nailfile 11,7 cm, usable area 50 mm long 6-9 mm wide


The sharp cuticle remover, also called hoof stick, is a method of removing the callus around the fingernail. Very good results with little risk of injury can be achieved in a short time without any problems.

    • Stainless steel cuticle remover is rust-free and sterilizable
    • Length: Nagelhautentferner 11,2 cm

Corner lifter for manicure and pedicure

Double-sided nail lifter for removing dirt under the nail edge or cuticle.

    • Stainless steel lifter is rustproof and sterilizable
    • Suitable for left-handers and right-handers
    • Length: lifter 13,7 cm